Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Figure Skating Pioneer Maribel Vinson-Owen Spotlighted In New Documentary

It wouldn’t be completely accurate to call Maribel Vinson-Owen the Bob Knight of figure skating. But it wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate either. After all, she was a successful coach with a fiery disposition, and she did famously throw a chair at one of her students. This was more than 50 years ago. The student was Ron Ludington, who became the bronze medalist in the pair event at the 1960 Olympics. He went on to coach many skaters to the Olympics himself.
Owen also trained Frank Carroll, who in this analogy would be Mike Krzyzewski. He coached Michelle Kwan and 2010 gold medalist Evan Lysacek. Speaking of Owen, Carroll has admitted on numerous occasions, “I was scared to death of her.”

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