Sunday, March 13, 2011

Style On Ice Exclusive Interview: Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat

{Florence Lécrivain Photographe}

SOI: How does it feel to be European Champions?

NP: It's definitely a great feeling to be rewarded after 2 times being 4th at Europeans.
It was an amazing moment in Berne to earn this first medal in a championships- the most beautiful one ! We celebrated with our families, friends, team mates, and federation. I feel relieved and from now on everything that will happen will be a bonus. We are back to work, so we stop thinking everyday about this medal, instead we think about winning some others ones.

SOI: What does a typical day of training look like for you?

NP: We train almost 6 hours during the summer camp, plus physical training and ballet, but just before competition we spend only 2 hours on the ice. Not as long but more intense.

SOI: Why do you think training with Sasha has helped you pick up momentum?

NP: We wanted to work with Sasha because we were looking for another way to practice, to imagine and work ice dancing. He helps us a lot with all the skating skills, like the basics for example. The Russian mentality made us grow up. We are more strong and more confident on the ice, so we are able to put more feelings and expression in our routines.

{Ingrid Alcazar}

SOI: How do you like Moscow now that you've been there a few years? Are you speaking Russian now?

NP: We are very bad students about the Russian language. We can just say a few sentences. To excuse us our coaches, team-mates and friends speak always English or French with us. We appreciate Moscow especially because we know very nice people, but it's so cold !

SOI: What do you miss about not living in France?

NP: Food and warmer weather.

SOI: What do you think makes your partnership work so well?

NP: We know each other very well and we are very complementary, but above that, we want the same goal. We see ice dancing with only one point of view, but different ideas to achieve our goal so, it's a rich partnership. We insist on building our programs with our personalities and our choices. Even if we open our ears to someone else’s idea we participate 100%.


SOI: What traits or qualities do you both bring to the partnership that makes you stand out from other dancers?

NP: I am very organized and always want to work more and I anticipate a lot.
Fabian is very creative, he just has so many ideas. What we love the most in this sport is the "art" dimension, and I think the audience can see it.

SOI: What skaters have inspired you, both past and present?

NP: The Duchesnay, no hesitation! Generally every Russian skaters in 1990's. Today, we prefer to enjoy one quality in a couple and then another one in somebody else. We create our perfect couple !

SOI: How do you spend your off-ice time?

NP: I’m almost finished with my master’s degree (I only have to make a internship during 6 months), and Fabian passed every theory exam in physiotherapy (he can't do more in distance). We just use all our time to enjoy our skater life, and believe me it's take a lot of time.

SOI: What do you see yourselves doing in ten years time?

NP: Fabian doesn't know right now. He is living in the present moment.

I imagine myself keeping a foot in the ice dancing world, like being judge or specialist. I would like also, to be living in Europe and having kind of a normal life.

SOI: What would you tell young skaters that view you both as role models?

NP: Fabian- Ice dancing is one of the most difficult sports because it's a very complete sport, it's between sport and art. You can perform, but you can also express yourself and become what you want to be!

Nathalie- Don't let down anything- never, because with passion and work you can go wherever you want. Plus, in this sport even if you don't win, you can always bring some joy to the audience.

SOI: What would you like to say to the growing number of fans that have fallen in love with your skating?

NP: Thank you so much for appreciating our work ! We are glad to bring you emotion on the ice and surprises too. The firsts reason we skate is because we love it and we love to see some smiles on faces in the audience ! You are a part to our inspiration, you give us the strength to go further. Enjoy ice dancing !