Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage Video: Tenley Albright

Tenley Emma Albright, M.D. (born July 18, 1935 in Newton Centre, Massachusetts) is an American figure skater. She is the 1956 Olympic champion in Ladies' Singles, 1952 Olympic silver medalist, the 1953 & 1955 World Champion, the 1953 & 1955 North American champion, and the 1952-1956 U.S. national champion.
At the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, she became the first American female skater to win an Olympic gold medal.[1]
Albright retired from competitive skating after the 1956 season. She never skated professionally. A graduate of The Winsor School in Boston, she had entered Radcliffe College in 1953 as a pre-med student, and after her Olympic triumph she focused on completing her education.[1] Albright graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1961, and went on to become a surgeon.[1]
Her husband is former Ritz-Carlton hotel owner Gerald Blakely (1981-). She was married to Tudor Gardiner, a lawyer, 1962-1976.

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